I can’t recall another time when reading a book made me uncomfortable. The book is supposed to teach you how to set up a strong culture in your company but to do so it uses examples from: a controversial military leader, a feudal system well known for its rigid hierarchies, a perpetrator of multiple genocides and last but not least, a prison gang leader. I kinda see the idea behind the book, but the execution is terrible, peaking with the cringey quotes from rap songs at the beginning of each chapter. The book contains great stories and good insights but you have to dig, not sure it was worth it.

Things I liked:

  • The first-hand stories (why bother Gengis Khan when the guy clearly has a ton cool stories to tell?)
  • The whole concept of company culture that comes across when you ignore the crazy parts of the book is one of the best you can find

Things I didn’t like:

  • There are many contradictions and several parallels with the four historical examples are obviously forced
  • The rage against Uber (the author himself says he’s biased as a Lyft investor, so why?)