Yet another now page inspired by Derek Sivers.


I joined Elastic one year ago as a Senior Engineering Manager - changing job during the pandemic felt weird and was emotionally challenging but there isn’t any other place I’d like to be during these funky times; I can work from home, fully supported in taking care of the family (myself included) whenever I need to.


Random stuff that’s going on:

  • After being on a diet during the whole winter and spring, I touched my lowest weight in May. With the lockdown being lifted it was impossible to keep up with a strict diet AND meals with friends and family, so I’ve started relaxing a bit the requirements, so to speak. I keep eating healthy and according to the general directions from my nutritionist, I hit the gym 3 times per week, I gained back some weight but I feel good and I’m still 7 kilograms below where I started.
  • I’m teaching myself basic financial education, I should’ve done this 25 years ago but I like thinking it’s never too late to start doing the right thing.
  • I keep practicing guitar, my gear consists of a Seagull S60 acoustic guitar and an Acus One Forstrings 5T amplifier. I recently acquired a travel guitar, a Crafter Mino and it’s unbelievable how much more I’m playing it compared to the S60. I think the fact that’s smaller and lighter (along with a great sound and volume) makes super easy to pick it up whenever I have a second to sit down.
  • I keep adding notes to my Zettelkasten so I think it’s time to use my Zk to write something :)

Inspiring notes