Yet another now page inspired by Derek Sivers.


I joined deepset mid 2022 as the Team Lead for Open Source Engineering. It’s an early stage startup, a challenge that’s also an immense learning resource (and something that was sitting on my professional TODO list :). The culture is great and they’re good and talented people working on disruptive technology. Wearing multiple hats, I have the chance to revamp my coding skills, keep growing as a manager and learning a lot about product management. And 100% Open Source.


Random stuff that’s going on:

  • Quoting myself from the last update: “I’m not following any strict regimen, I’m more into “good habits” when it comes to food”. …aaaaand I peaked at 108 and had to go back on a diet, yay!
  • I’m building a house! (I mean, I’m paying professionals to do that, but it’s built on my specs!)
  • I keep practicing guitar and studying music, my gear consists of a Seagull S60 acoustic guitar and an Acus One Forstrings 5T amplifier. I recently acquired a travel guitar, a Crafter Mino and it’s unbelievable how much more I’m playing it compared to the S60. I think the fact that’s smaller and lighter (along with a great sound and volume) makes super easy to pick it up whenever I have a second to sit down.

Inspiring notes